Are there any government subsidies?

When a business installs a solar PV system, Small-scale technology certificates, or STCs, are generated. The STCs have a market value. The value of the STCs is deducted from your purchase price (once you assign them to AESL or our representative). Therefore your purchase of a solar system could be seen as being subsidised by the Federal Government.

I lease the building will this be a problem?

Typically this isn’t a problem. Your landlord will need to provide their consent, by signing a document that protects the interests of all parties. Your AES consultant can discuss this in detail with you.

Would I benefit from having a larger system than you have suggested?

AES uses sophisticated computer modeling to determine the most appropriate sized system for your business, based on the information you have provided us. Adding additional capacity to the recommended system will increase your costs, with no increase in benefit.

Do I need to take out another insurance policy?

You should inform your current insurer immediately that your system is installed. Typically no new policy is required. This is the same under hire purchase.

Can the system be relocated if I move premises?

Yes, the system can be relocated although there are costs that you would need to bear. If you feel there is a strong likelihood of relocating your business, discuss this with your AES consultant.

Will the panels be damaged by hail?

In our experience, Solar Panels are typically more robust than the roof they’re mounted on. This isn’t to say that a super-storm can’t damage your panels, but we’ve not seen it happen yet! The panels we use are very durable, tested to withstand hail, and are manufactured to last for more than a quarter of a century.

If I grow my business and use more power what will happen?

Should your electricity consumption increase materially, we will re-assess your situation. If it makes financial sense, we can expand your system for you.