Customer | Southside Agencies – 15kW

Location: South Lismore, Australia
Operator: Artemis Energy Solutions
Commissioning: 10/1/2012
PV system power: 15.000 kWp
Annual Production: approx. 23,115 kWh (1,541 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided: Approx. 24.3 tons per annum
Modules: 60 x China Sunergy Co. Ltd. CSUN-250-60M (09/2011)
Tracking: Fixed
Southside Trucks realised substantial kilowatt-hours are used in lighting their display rooms and asked AES Lismore (AESL) ways to reduce their energy bill. After collecting data on Southside's energy use, AESL recommendation of a 15KW PV system now continues to produce the expected returns for Southside.