Artemis Energy Solutions (AES) is a subsidiary of AFT Corporation Ltd, an ASX listed company headquartered in Sydney since 2008. AES provides total solutions for Solar PV integration (distributed power) for Commercial and Industrial applications, and has provided services to many projects in Australia and overseas.

AES is able to provide a total solution for the reduction in energy consumption and costs (from feasibility study through to commissioning) utilizing our in house CEC Accredited technical and installation team. This includes the Design, Supply, Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance of the systems we install. We provide our customers with high quality Solar PV systems that are accurately sized for your specific energy requirements.

AES only uses high quality tier 1 products to allow for maximized savings, optimal output and reliability. AES have been supplying solar solutions for almost 10 years with approximately 4,000 installations successfully completed.

AES is a long-standing member of the Clean Energy Council and works very closely with most Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs). This means all of our work is completed to the highest of standards.



AES was originally set up to provide an alternative service to what we were doing through our sister company Artemis Building Systems (ABS), a successful Solar and LED wholesale company which is also a wholly owned subsidiary of AFT Corporation LTD.

During the first three years of operation for ABS, turnover averaged around $13M PA. It was this success which allowed us to develop AES into a company that could provide total energy solutions for the reduction in energy consumption within Commercial and Industrial sectors.

With continued Government support towards achieving emissions targets, the commercial solar industry continues to grow and is expected to more than double in the next two years alone.

AES has now established many prestigious Commercial, Industrial and Government energy projects in Australia, to name but a few:

  • Sydney Town Hall – 46kW Pluto Rooftop Solar PV System
  • Pacific Hills Christian School, Sydney – 80kW Solar PV System
  • Fairfield Council, Sydney – 99kW Solar PV System
  • CTCI Waterloo, Bathurst – 95kW Solar PV System
  • Rapidplas Industries, Tamworth – 99kW Solar PV System



The last couple of years have allowed us to develop our technical ability and grow our team and client base to a very high standard. Off the back of this we will continue to grow with more offices, including coverage in several other states.

AES is able to offer flexible energy solutions and as part of this we provide a detailed analysis on a business’s demand from the grid. Using our in house CEC accredited technical team we are able to produce preliminary system designs which give insight into the best option for our customers requirements, along with the associated cost savings and expected ROI. The majority of our systems are approximately 100kW in size although we also have many that start from 30kW upwards. The systems that we design are done so in such a way that your repayments, whether that be to us through our Hire Purchase Arrangement, or through your own bank, are covered by the savings which the system generates, meaning that your system can be cash flow positive from day one.

AES are a total energy solutions provider with an in house technical and design team, both of which are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This means we can Design, Supply, Install, Monitor and Maintain the systems that we implement, making us stand out from most of our competition who tend to outsource much of the work. Keeping things in house means that we can maintain high levels of quality control, keep track of project timelines to ensure they are completed in a timely manner, and most importantly it means that you will only ever deal with one company……us. No chasing up with various different people if you ever have a question or an issue.

We also provide regular monitoring and performance reports on systems so that our customers have the peace of mind knowing that their savings become a reality rather than fiction. Due to the constant monitoring from us, we can ensure that in the unlikely occurrence of a system issue we will know about it promptly and get it fixed which will reduce your system downtime and ensure your savings continue to be generated.